As the Financial Doctor, Chuck Price is known for a lot of things, such as his radio show and his upcoming book, Investing Simplified. However, what’s remained constant throughout his career of more than 40 years is that he has helped his financial clients achieve their goals in retirement planning and wealth management. If you feel you would benefit from comprehensive financial planning in Portland, Oregon or nearby communities, Price Financial Group Wealth Management is a great choice for you.

How It Works

Price Financial GroupThere are two main ways to get advice in the financial services industry. One way is through agents or brokers, and the other way is through investment advisors like Chuck Price. The difference is that agents have a vested interest in selling things to you, leading them to give you biased advice that might actually be counterproductive to achieving your financial goals. Investment advisors, on the other hand, have a fiduciary duty to always act in the best interests of their clients. With reliable information being critical to your financial success, it pays to go with wealth management experts who will tell you the truth.

Available Wealth Management Services

At Price Financial Group Wealth Management, you’ll find a number of valuable services that will take your investing and finances to the next level. With financial planning, the company provides an unbiased third-party assessment of your current investments, as well as income projections and ideas on how to improve your portfolio. As for investment management, Chuck Price provides a personalized and tailored service for recommending assets based on a number of individual factors, including the client’s risk tolerance, time horizon, desired return objectives, overall investment goals, and more. Ultimately, Price Financial Group Wealth Management is committed to maximizing investment returns while preserving the client’s principal.

When you’re ready to start taking control of your finances and achieve your investment goals, contact Chuck Price at Price Financial Group Wealth Management. If you’re not quite there yet, why not start by asking Chuck Price a financial question and receiving a personalized answer? You’ll see how valuable the advice of the Financial Doctor is, and how far it can take you on your own financial journey. Get in touch with him or his company today.

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