Chuck Price and Harry Dent Explain Why You Shouldnt Invest in China

Harry Dent Predicts Economic Fall of China

The Financial Doctor, Chuck Price, interviews special guest Harry Dent, financial expert and author of one of the most popular financial newsletters in the country.  In this episode, Dent warns against investing in China right now, as he predicts their part in creating one of the biggest impending economic crashes in history. He explains how…

how to start investing in family and fortune

How Do I Develop an Investment Strategy?

Everyone has a different investment strategy. They may look similar to someone else’s, but they’re never totally identical. Your approach to investing is so unique because your decisions should be based on your family’s wealth management needs and financial goals. Before you even start investing, you need to contact your wealth manager and find out…

How to Tell Partner about Secret Credit Card Debt

How Do I Tell My Spouse about My Secret Debt?

Since the recession, or as we continue to crawl out of recession if you prefer, many American families are left with boosted debt loads.  As they make progress on finding employment and start catching up on bills, they must not turn their attention to that looming debt.  Unfortunately, like the housing crisis, many credit card…