Top Investment Books of 2014

The Five Biggest Investment Mistakes of 2014

Ever notice how some investors, no matter how the markets perform or the economy fares, will seem to come out ahead? Two key principles to keep in mind are: diversify your investment portfolio and keep emotion out of your investment decision-making. Case in point: 2014 was a year in which the US market rallied, posting…

Lars Larson and Chuck Price on Unemployment and National Debt

Lars Larson and Chuck Price Discuss Recession & Recovery

Chuck Price recently visited Lars Larson on his radio program to discuss the American economy. Their discussion covers the realities of the recession, the supposed recovery, and the truth behind investment returns. Find out how you can better manage your investments during and after periods of recession and how to interpret what financial experts and…

Portland Advice on Best Retirement Planning Tools

The Top 5 Simple Tools for Retirement Planning

It’s definitely not easy to figure out the optimal retirement planning strategies on your own. With so many unknowns in the future—from your health to where you’ll end up living in your golden years–it’s increasingly important to seek out additional help where you can find it. Thankfully, there are some simple but effective tools you…

Learn from financial experts Chuck Price and Lars Larson about investing and finance.

The Top 4 Must-Read Financial Authors

You know that your finances are a huge part of your overall quality of life, so why would you entrust them to just anybody? Hopefully, you wouldn’t, but it can still be difficult to decide who is trustworthy in the financial realm. That’s why it’s nice to have Chuck Price out there. He and fellow…

Top Investment Tools for Investors

The Top 5 Essential Investing Tools

Do you feel like you could have a better handle on investing? Could you be more prepared for your retirement? The answer to both questions is probably yes, and thankfully, you can also say yes to help from five investing tools that Chuck Price, the Financial Doctor, has compiled for you. Check them out! TheStreet…

Get Free Financial Advice from The Financial Doctor

How to Get Free Financial Advice

Let’s face it. Getting rich isn’t cheap. However, becoming financially literate can be, and it’s the first step on your way to successful wealth management. In this article, we’ve described a few great resources that offer expert financial advice for free. Ask Your Financial Question One way to get free advice from the Financial Doctor…

How to Pay Fair Investing Fees - Financial Video

Are you paying fair investment fees?

Low fees may be convenient, but they don’t necessarily mean a good return. Watch this animated video from the Financial Doctor for more information about investment fees and returns. Interested in learning more? You can read the 1st chapter of Chuck’s book, Investing Simplified for free! How to Pay Fair Investment Fees Episode 2 –…

Why Invest in Market Linked CDs

Are Market Linked CDs a Good Investment Option?

If you could get the principal protection and guarantees of a traditional certificate of deposit along with the security of FDIC insurance but with the potential to earn significantly higher returns? Would you be interested? If your answer is yes, then a market linked certificate of deposit may be right for you. Learn what a…