About Chuck Price

Chuck Price, the Financial Doctor, has worked with clients for more than 40 years as a financial advisor, and in that time, he has amassed a treasure trove of invaluable financial knowledge and expertise. In addition to his deep understanding of finance and investing, Chuck Price has come to understand what happens to people who are given biased advice on financial planning and wealth management. That’s why it’s his mission to tell people the truth about finance and investing, so they can make informed decisions and reach their financial goals.

Chuck Price’s Background

Chuck Price has worked hard to get the most out of the wealth management and retirement planning efforts of his clients. He offers his valuable financial experience regularly on his successful radio show called Investing Simplified, airing every Saturday morning at 8 AM on Freedom 970AM, where listeners can ask investment questions and get seasoned financial advice from the Financial Doctor himself. His radio show is the longest running financial show featuring a live wealth manager answering questions. In addition to this program, Chuck Price has upcoming financial publications and a successful investment advisor firm as well.

The Financial Doctor Takes Action

Chuck Price has seen the devastating results that biased financial advice can wreak on people’s lives, and he has taken it upon himself to offer an investment advisory service based on legal and ethical fiduciary practices. As President and Wealth Manager for Price Financial Group Wealth Management in Portland, Oregon, Chuck Price is determined to help clients set up their lives to have a guaranteed retirement income they can’t outlive. Unlike the flawed and questionable financial advice given to so many people, the Financial Doctor recognizes the problems associated with standard financial advice. Through his services, books, and speaking engagements, he’s offering his skill and knowledge to the public, so they can learn what they need to know to manage their finances intelligently.

Chuck encourages his audience to ask questions and explore his resources.  When you ask the Financial Doctor a question about finance, you get a reply. You also have the opportunity to buy his useful financial books or schedule him for a speaking engagements, seminars, or appearances on TV or radio. Stick around and see what’s available. You’re sure to learn some invaluable financial lessons here that will jumpstart your financial and investing success.